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What is Massage Therapy?

body massage

Massage therapy is the way to relax your muscles using traditional massage of body tissues and touching the body trigger points. In this was many body issues can be fixed like, joints pain, back pain, stretch muscles and many other issues.

Many traditional and modern techniques are used to do body massage. Traditional ways are using oil and heat to the muscles, fixing body through triggers points.

In the modern ways doctors of physiotherapy use many digital and electric tools to do body massage using electric massagers tools like electric massage gun, electric pads, electric chairs and many more.

What is Electric Massagers Gun?

Electric Massager Gun

Electric massagers guns are hand help machines that are used to do body massage. Different types of electric massagers are available in market. You can select and buy your desired electric massagers like, head massagers, neck and shoulder massagers, eye massagers, back pain relief massagers, muscles massager, foot massagers. Every massager has its our features to cover different body parts.

What is Electric Massage Chair?

Massage Chair

Electric massage chairs are the best way to massage you entire body with head, shoulders, back and feet massage. Having vibrators and heating pads massager chairs do best of the massage therapy of the entire body and get beck to you in the relax state and release stress after a tired day. Electric massager chairs are best for home and office to keep your body calm.

Most Familiar Body Massages

Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a medical therapy using oil to relax muscles. This therapy is being used for decades in Thailand and many other countries to relieve body pain and relax stretched muscles. In Thai Massage a therapist moves your body’s muscles and joints to trigger the main points of the body to relieve muscle and joint pain. The therapist may put weight or pressure on your muscles and body to relieve stress and joint pain. Many peoples after having thai massage feel tightness in their body for a while after having a massage. It will relax your body in a while.

Traditional Body Massage

Traditional Massage

Traditional massage is served on a massage table and do not require you to move. Cloths are used in traditional healing massages to soothe and relax the muscles. This massage remedy begins with you lying on your stomach or face down, covered by a slight distance. Traditional massage is more tailored to your specific sore spots or problem areas. Masseuse will ask you ahead of time if there are any particular areas to concentrate on or avoid during your massage. This allows you to direct your therapist’s attention to a specific area, such as your neck, back, or legs.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy help to improve body blood flow, fluid in lymph glands (part of immune system), to reduce muscles tension, improve nervous system, reduce body muscles pain, and enhance body tissues healing process.

Some major benefits of massage therapy are mentioned below.

  1. Reduce muscles pain and stiffness 
  2. Increasing flexibility and range of motion in joints
  3. Increase the efficiency of body movement 
  4. Remove tension and stress
  5. Promotes deep and easy breathing
  6. Improve circulation and movement of lymph 
  7. Reduce headaches and eye problems related to stress
  8. Promotes rapid healing of soft tissue damages, such as stretched muscles and sprained muscles 
  9. Relieve pain and swelling associated with injury 
  10. Improve physical health and nutrition
  11. Reduce physical tension
  12. Promotes sentiments of well-being
  13. Improve mental health

Electric or Classic Massage Therapy

I will suggest you use electric massagers rather than a classic massage, the reason is electric massagers are portable handhold machines and you can easily get a massage yourself at home in no time. For a classic or traditional massage, you have to get an appointment and visit the therapist’s clinic or massage center.